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Why Zoundz?

Providing the best possible care for your patients is your top priority. But not all pets are happy to be in your care. Exams and treatments can be stressful for dogs and cats. And when they are anxious, it can be a challenge for your team.


Zoundz Music For Pets reduces pet stress levels, which helps them feel more at ease. When their anxiety subsides, the visit and treatment outcomes can improve.

Our fully integrated program is simple to set up and even easier to implement. It combines our content and software with your hardware to deliver Zoundz proprietary music seamlessly throughout your facility. Using voice commands makes it easy for your team to control the music, and switch between dog and cat channels.

Our ongoing support ensures that your Zoundz content and system continue to deliver stress-reducing benefits without interruption.

Plus, Zoundz sets you apart from your competition. Veterinarians using the Zoundz Music For Pets™ program show they truly care about creating a relaxing experience by using our music technology to calm anxious clients.



Even a well-visit can trigger a pet’s anxiety. Routine exams make some cats and dogs uneasy. Zoundz makes nervous patients easier to handle.


Lab Work

Nobody likes needles, especially a pet feeling on edge. Zoundz Music For Pets™ calms their anxieties, making it easier to administer blood work and vaccines.



Recovering from a procedure is no fun. Proper rest is critical to the healing process. The calming sounds of Zoundz can help them relax as they recuperate.

The Science

Zoundz Music For Pets™ is backed by scientific research. Our team of veterinary advisors and music professionals came together to deliver a program that effectively reduces pet anxiety in everyday, stress-inducing situations.

The program is grounded in key findings from recognized animal behavior studies and our own primary behavioral research. Our proprietary music is composed using attributes determined to have a maximum calming effect on pets.

Applying species-appropriate tempo, sound frequency and instrumentation, our goal is to effectively reduce stress and anxiety in dogs and cats.

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Zoundz Music For Pets Program for Veterinarians

Zoundz Music For Pets™ is a fully integrated program designed to meet the specific needs of your Veterinary Practice. Our proprietary music is delivered via Wi-Fi-enabled speakers to play throughout your facility’s specific needs.

The Zoundz team provides you with resources to ensure a seamless installation and activation experience. The support doesn’t end there. You receive ongoing marketing and technical support to guarantee an optimal Zoundz experience.

In addition, we provide an unlimited number of Zoundz Music For Pets™ app trial offers to distribute at no charge. This added value allows your clients to extend the Zoundz experience at home and on the go.

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