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The Research behind Zoundz Music For Pets

Zoundz Music For Pets™ doesn’t just sound good, it’s grounded in science.

Zoundz music is composed using attributes that were determined to have the maximum calming effect on pets in well-regarded animal behavior studies.

Learn more about the research that inspired the Zoundz Music For Pets™ program.

Physiology & Behavior, Volume 143, May 2015

‘Four Seasons’ in an animal rescue centre; classical music reduces environmental stress in kenneled dogs.

A. Bowman, Scottish SPCA, F.J. Dowell N.P. Evans

Key Finding: The results of this study show the potential of auditory stimulation as a highly effective environmental enrichment technique for kenneled dogs.

Read the Study: Pages 70-82


Applied Animal Behaviour Science, Volume 166, May 2015

‘Cats prefer species-appropriate music.’

C.T. Snowdon, D. Teie, M. Savage

Key Finding: Cats showed a significant preference for and interest in species-appropriate music compared with human music.

Read the Study: Pages 106-111


Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery 2020, Volume 22

‘Effects of music on behavior and physiological stress response of domestic cats in a veterinary clinic.’

A. Hampton, A. Ford, R.E. Cox III, C. Liu, R. Koh

Key Finding: Cat specific music may benefit cats by decreasing the stress levels and increasing the quality of care in veterinary clinical settings.

Read the Study: Pages 122-128


Journal of Veterinary Behavior, Volume 7, Issue 5

‘Behavioral effects of auditory stimulation on kenneled dogs.’

L. Kogan R. Schoenfeld, T. Allen, A. Simon

Key Finding: It is suggested that playing classical music in a shelter environment may help mitigate some of the stress inherent for many kenneled dogs.

Read the Study: Pages 268-275