Zoundz Music For PetsProgram pricing



When you sign up for The Zoundz Music For Pets™ Program for Pet Professionals, you get everything you need to create a calming environment for your 4-legged clients and their parents.

Our fully integrated
program includes:

  1. Music specifically composed based on pet behavioral research findings.
  2. Music channels specific to dogs and cats.
  3. Regular updates from the Zoundz Music Lab.
  4. Access to 24/7 Online Support.
  5. Plus, a FREE 30 day trial of the Zoundz app to offer your clients.

Build your Zoundz Music For PetsProgram!

Customize your Zoundz experience with our flexible program options.

Zoundz Music Program

Gain unlimited access to the calming sounds of Zoundz Music for Dogs & Cats and our exclusive program benefits.

During this special promotional period, Two (2) Google WiFi Speakers & Professional Installation is included at no additional charge.