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A stress-reducing solution for pets!

When your pet is stressed, you feel it too. That’s why we created Zoundz Music For Pets!

Backed by breakthrough research, our integrated program is designed to ease your pet’s anxiety in common stress-producing situations – trips to the vet, during a storm, at bedtime, or simply while you are away.

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Zoundz Music For Pets for Pet Parents

Zoundz Music For Pets™ is designed to create a relaxing environment and settle anxious pets. Backed by behavioral research and approved by pet professionals, Zoundz delivers everything you need to help your pet feel more Zen.

Our app offers a wide variety of music channels designed to ease your pet’s anxiety in common stress-producing situations, like these:

  • Home alone
  • Eats & treats
  • Pet pro visits
  • Lap time
  • Travel time
  • Bedtime lullabies
  • Scary sounds
  • House guests

Zoundz music can help your dog and cat stress-less at bedtime, when it’s storming outside, when you leave them, or anytime they need it. Plus, our expert pet professionals deliver helpful tips and advice on how to make the most of your Zoundz experience.

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The Science

Zoundz Music For Pets™ is backed by scientific research. Our team of veterinary advisors and music professionals came together to deliver a program that effectively reduces pet anxiety in everyday stress-inducing situations.

The program is grounded in key findings from recognized animal behavior studies and our own primary behavioral research. Our proprietary music is composed using attributes determined to have a maximum calming effect on pets.

Applying species-appropriate tempo, sound frequency and instrumentation, our goal is to effectively reduce stress and anxiety in dogs and cats.

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A Word from our Expert

Zoundz Pet Pro, Dr. Radosta is a member of an exclusive group of board-certified veterinary behaviorists in the U.S. She is an expert in her field with years of hands-on experience dealing first-hand with the effects of pet anxiety.

As a valued member of the Zoundz team, Dr. Radosta provides valuable information and tips to make the most of your Zoundz experience.

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What's the buzz around Zoundz?

See what pet professionals and pet parents are saying about the Zoundz Music for Pets™ Program.

We have employed the Zoundz Music For Pets™ program for our dog and cat boarding, daycare and rescue pet retreat for over a year now and it has delivered a calming effect on our pet guests. Zoundz Music is another tangible example for our customers as to why we are the leading compassionate, pet-first business in the market that we have served for the past 21 years.

Joe Kaddis
Passage East Kennels, Wilton, CT

Zoundz Music For Pets™ is incredible! They were easy to work with, very professional and dialed in to the specific needs for our space and for our pets. There has been a tremendous difference in the behavior and disposition of our pets once we started using Zoundz. Happier pets get adopted faster and we are very thankful to the Zoundz team!!

Jennifer Angelucci
Paws Crossed Animal Rescue Inc.

My mini dachshund, Murphy, is pretty high strung and highly reactive to any loud noises like thunder, fireworks, and motorcycles. Since we’ve been using Zoundz, he is so much calmer. It even helps me feel more relaxed because I know he is less stressed.

Kelley S.
Pet parent