Zoundz Music For Pets
For Pet Professionals



Zoundz Music for Pets™ is based on scientific research and can reduce anxiety in dogs and cats, making them easier to handle. We understand how important it is for pets to have a positive experience while in your care. Our goal is to make it easier for pet professionals to get the job done.

The Science Behind The Music

Zoundz music is composed using attributes that were determined to have the maximum calming effect on dogs and cats in well-regarded animal behavior studies. Our extensive song library features species-appropriate tempo, sound frequency, and instrumentation to deliver maximum calming effects on pets.

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“We know from published studies, that music can calm dogs and cats. The results of those studies were taken into the Zoundz Lab and analyzed to create dog and cat specific music.”

Dr. Lisa Radosta, DVM, DACVB, Board Certified Veterinary Behaviorist

Zoundz Music For Pets™ Subscription + Speakers

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Calm, Condition, and Connect with Pets

The Program

Our fully integrated program is simple to set up and even easier to implement. Our content and software syncs with wi-fi smart speakers to deliver Zoundz proprietary music seamlessly throughout your facility. Using voice commands on Amazon Alexa enabled devices makes it easier for your team to control the music and switch between dog and cat channels.

Our ongoing support ensures that the Zoundz content and system continues to deliver stress-reducing benefits without interruption.

Adding Zoundz to your business sets you apart from your competition. Your clients will appreciate that you invested in cutting-edge music technology, backed by breakthrough research to calm anxious pets.

Plus, pet parents can continue the stress-reducing benefits that their pets receive while in your care, at home! As a value-added program benefit, you can extend an exclusive 50% savings offer on the Zoundz app, which features 8 dog and 8 cat channels such as Home Alone and Travel Time. When pet parents use Zoundz Music For Pets to calm, condition, and connect with their dog or cat, it leads to better behavior and happier pets!

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