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Zoundz for Boarding Facilities

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Zoundz for Boarding Facilities

You take pride in creating a 5-star experience for your 4-legged guests, providing soft bedding, enriching activities, walks and more. But no matter how hard you try; some pets still experience anxiety and stress when they are away from home.


Zoundz Music for Pets™ can reduce pet stress levels, which can make their stay more relaxing and enjoyable – for you and for them.

Our fully integrated program is simple to set up and even easier to implement. It combines content, hardware, and software to deliver our proprietary music seamlessly throughout your facility – indoors and out. Voice commands make it easy for your team to control the music, and switch between dog and cat channels.

Our ongoing support ensures that the Zoundz content and system will continue to deliver stress-reducing benefits without interruption.

Plus, Zoundz sets you apart from your competition. Boarding facilities using the Zoundz Music for Pets™ program show they truly care about creating a welcoming experience by using our music technology to comfort anxious guests.

PetIcons Social

Social Time

One of the perks for your 4-legged guests is socializing with other pets. Zoundz Music for Pets™ sets a harmonious tone for an enjoyable playtime experience.

PetIcons Carrier

Quiet Time

Spending time alone in a strange place can be scary. Zoundz Music for Pets™ delivers soothing sounds so that pets can rest and decompress during their stay.

PetIcons House

Bed Time

No matter how much fun is being had, homesickness can really kick in at night. Zoundz Music for Pets™ composed music that makes bedtime more blissful.

The Zoundz Music for Pets™ Program for Boarding Facilities

Zoundz Music for Pets™ is a fully integrated program designed to meet the specific needs of pet care providers. Our proprietary music is delivered via a network of Wi-Fi enabled; voice-controlled smart speakers configured to meet your specific needs. Our partners at Best Buy’s Geek Squad ensure a seamless installation and activation experience. The support doesn’t end there. Learn more about what you can expect from Zoundz.

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